Ways to Practice Self-Care

Ways to Practice Self-Care

Self-care remains a primary form of healthcare worldwide. Every year 100 million people are plunged into poverty because they have to pay for health care out of their own pockets. Unfortunately, however, many people view self-care as a luxury, rather than a priority.

Self-care is important to maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself. It means doing things to take care of our minds, bodies, and souls by engaging in activities that promote well-being and reduce stress. Doing so enhances our ability to live fully, vibrantly, and effectively. 

Try these few things to help melt stress away:

  • Spend time with friends, family, and others who make you feel good about yourself.
  • Take a bath with candles to soothe and relax senses.
  • Eat a balanced diet and include fruits and vegetables.
  • Cook your favorite dish.
  • Avoid toxic people
  • Rearrange all of your furniture in a way that makes you more comfortable. When your home “looks” new, you receive constant new stimulus until your mind is completely settled with the new look.
  • Buy a coloring book and crayons. Adult coloring is actually good therapy.
  • Unplug from phone, news, emails and social media for an hour.
  • Make your bed after waking up.
  • Make a playlist based on your current mood.
  • Start a journal to record your journey and experiences.
  • Have a good, long, freeing cry.
  • Recite self-love affirmations to yourself in the mirror each morning. 
  • Write encouraging affirmations or inspirational quotes on Post-its and place them where you will see them every day.
  • Get up out of your chair and dance to your favorite upbeat song.
  • Buy some flowers that delight you.
  • Get a massage or facial.
  • Have a spa day at home.
  • Have a beer or cocktail at cozy bar.
  • Sing at the top of your lungs or go Karaoke (sober).
  • Exfoliate your body with a good body scrub.

Last but not least, consider seeking professional help. Needing to talk to somebody doesn't make you broken, it makes you human. 

When all else fails, ask myself: “What do I need at this moment? There is no cookie-cutter formula for caring for you. Just make sure you take the time to find out what self- care looks like to you!



Leave a comment on what you do for self-care and I challenge you to DO IT TODAY!


Stay Beautiful Love, 



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